Monday, September 18, 2006

Creating an Archive to 4mm/8mm Tape

Tape archive is another utility that I use frequently. I used it to archive files and directories. It is really handy when you want to ftp a group of files or directories.

1. tar cvfp /home/directory/filename.tar directoryname

e.g. #tar cvfp /home/esofthub/esofthub.tar esofthub

tar – Tape archive utility
cvfp – Create, verbose, file, preserves permissions -- flags/options.
/home/esofthub/esofthub.tar – A tarball file
esofthub – The esofthub directory and its contents

2. #tar cvfp /dev/rmt/0 /home/esofthub/esofthub.tar
/dev/rmt/0 – Here’s how you archive to a tape device.

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