Saturday, October 07, 2006

Open Floppy Disk Sometime Today!

Recently I had a frustrated customer ask me, in coy manner, how to open a floppy. I had to chortle a bit. Window systems are a no-brainer for this task but UNIX systems are not as trivial.
You can use the file manger GUI and use its open floppy option. This should be the easiest method for newbies.

Find the file manager (picture of drawer) on the desktop panel and double click it. File-> Open Floppy drive

or via command line

#filemgr & (The ampersand runs the file manager in the background)


#volcheck -v (runs the volume manager and mounts the floppy drive.)
#cd /floppy

Your floppy is now mounted and available for viewing. The -v is for verbose mode.

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