Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How to Invoke an xterm Window in an Emergency

Many Solaris systems I come across nowadays have had the window functionality removed/disabled from the user's menu or desktop. Why? The system administrator doesn't want prying eyes or users tinkering around and causing problems. But as a systems administrator, this modification can be quite frustrating during a troubleshooting effort. Here's what I do to get around that particular inconvenience/modification. Obviously, this trick can be disabled, too.

Hold down the following keys at the same time: Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Esc

--Don't let go of the aforementioned keys--

Then select "!"

This will give you the default menu and the option to display a UNIX window. After you are done with the window, return the desktop to the customized environment via the default menu's restart the workspace manager option.

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