Monday, February 12, 2007

Add a Net With a Static Route

I have several static routes setup on my workstation. These routes are started at boot time. They are reliable because my network topology doesn't change often. If it does change, I know that I need to make modifications in the script.

Here's an example.

#vi /etc/rc3.d/S97static_routes
route add net 1
:wq! (quits and saves)

I just added the class C network via the router These IPs are only used for illustration purposes.

To manipulate the routing table
Route Add, Route Change, Route Delete, Route Monitor, Route Flush


UX-admin said...


on Solaris 10 and on, you can use routeadm(1M) to manage routing, instead of having to edit /etc/init.d/ script(s) manually.

esofthub said...

Thanks ux-admin for the Solaris 10 tip. Looking forward to your next comment.