Saturday, February 24, 2007

Create Named Pipes for Interprocess Communications

Yesterday, we were having problems with one of applications not displaying images. After further examination (reading the console output), it was determined that a named pipe file was missing. A named pipe allows two unrelated processes to communicate with each other. Here's what was done to recreate this special FIFO file.

This action creates a named pipe called mypipe.
# mknod mypipe p

In our case, the named pipe needed to be read and writable by everyone
# chmod 666 mypipe

An alternate way of creating the named pipe - suggested by ux-admin:
# mkfifo mypipe
# chmod 666 mypipe


Anonymous said...


use the `mkfifo` command to create a named pipe.

mkfifo /tmp/FIFO

esofthub said...

thanks ux-admin