Friday, March 23, 2007

Add a User with useradd via Command Line

This post is for the admins who have an affinity for command line. I'm going to add a user via command line. This is a fairly easy process once you get the syntax down. Here's a simple example.

#useradd -u 2000 -g 1000 -d /export/home/esofthub -m -s /bin/csh -c "SysAd Account" esofthub

I've added a user with a user ID of 2000, group ID of 1000, a home directory called esofthub, set shell to c shell, added a comment, and user is called esofthub.

If you don't like the command tool method, use the GUI utility, admintool.

#admintool &


Anonymous said...

it was useful.

esofthub said...

Thanks, I appreciate that.