Friday, March 23, 2007

Delete Group Account with groupdel via Command Line

I'm going to delete the group account, unixgrp, using the groupdel command. Here's an example of its use.

#groupdel unixgrp

Or use GUI

#admintool &


Anonymous said...

You mean there is a way other than CLI / `groupdel` to delete a group? E, wow, never thought of that. (:-)

esofthub said...

You can always vi /etc/group and delete a group. It's dirty but allowable. ;)

Frankly speakly, you can do all these tasks I mentioned yesterday via vi, chown and a mkdir action in the home directory area.

For the first three items, I yank/paste a previous line and then modify.

#vi /etc/passwd
#vi /etc/shadow
#vi /etc/group
#mkdir home_dir
OR rename existing home_dir
#mv old_homedir newhome_dir
#chown -R newuser:group newhome_dir
#passwd -r files newuser