Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Install a Solaris Patch Cluster

After the download, I'm now ready to install the patch cluster. I copied the cluster zip file into the /var/tmp directory.

#cd /var/tmp
#cd J2SE_Solaris_8_Recommended

Once the patch cluster is installed, you should perform a reboot.

You can also install patches singly. This is an example of installing the Sun XVR-100 graphics accelerator patch.

cd /var/tmp
#patchadd 114537-40


Crltn said...

Thanx for having this page. This is my first time ever installing Solaris patches. I am a CCNA but have no prior UNIX skills. The sys admin, a decent guy, left me with a page of instructions but not how to unzip the cluster. I can't believe it was so easy, once again, T H A N X for your data.

esofthub said...

cl, my intention is to share common UNIX information to whoever needs it.

Btw, I'm glad you found the post useful and thank you for the comment.