Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Remove a Patch from a Solaris Operating System

Here's the command to remove a patch from the Solaris operating system. In the last post, I installed the Sun XVR-100 graphics accelerator patch. For illustration purposes, I'm going to remove it.

#patchrm 114537-40

Check for 114537-40 and it should not be detected
#showrev -p | grep 114537-40
#patchadd -p | grep 114537-40


Unknown said...

I am trying to find a good way to determine which patch cluster is installed on a Solaris 10 system. Although I can use showrev -p, and get individual patch information, I can't find a quick, easy or consistent way to determine which cluster was last installed. I'd love some help, if anyone has input.

esofthub said...


Are you looking for uname -a?

It gives you Generic_xxxxxx-xx (kernelID) which is the patch number (6 digits) followed by the patch revision number (2 digits)

showrev -a gives other good info