Monday, April 09, 2007

Unlock Screenlock With a Group Account Named xlock

As UNIX system administrators, we constantly have to kill abandoned screen-locked sessions. Obviously, this can be a frustrating task when you're dealing with a headless server and/or all your workstations are being used at the same time. Here is a suggested workaround.

Create an xlock group in whatever name service (files, nis or nisplus) you are using, and then add your login to the group. You should be able to unlock user's screenlocks with your password.

This post is referring to the “lock” on the desktop panel.

Note: Your IT or security department may prohibit or restrict the use of an xlock group.


Maharishi Swami Poobah said...

I've tried to reproduce the xlock group scenario, where members of the xlock group can unlock a locked screen, and haven't had any luck. I was using Solaris 8.

ANy help?

esofthub said...


As usual, I could have been a bit clearer on this post.

I reproduced the event on my Solaris 8 box.

My users don't have dtterm/xterm/cmdtool access, so I was referring to the lock on the dtpanel.