Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reset sa Password for Sybase

Here is a procedure to reset the "sa" password for Sybase. But first, the RUN_ESOFTHUB_SVR script will have be modified. Here is a terse rundown of this procedure.

Run a tail -f to observe the new SSO password in the log.
# tail -f SYBASE.log

The dataserver should not be running
# ps -ef | grep dataserver

Append the following entry, -psa, to this file

Starts the dataserver
# startserver -f RUN_ESOFTHUB_SVR

Observe the new password in the console or SYBASE.log

-psa (delete this line)

# isql -Usa -Pfrom_the_log_file

Now use sp_password to change the "sa" password to something permanent.

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