Monday, September 10, 2007

Forward Mail to a Different Account with .forward

There are times when you might need to forward your mail to another email account. The .forward file is used to accomplish this task. Here are a couple examples.

All email will be forwarded to this email address,

# echo "" > $HOME/.forward
# cat > $HOME/.forward
control ^d


Chris Thielen said...

Thanks for this! I knew it was something simple but I couldn't find the exact syntax.

By the way, a blog of common, useful sysadmin techniques is great and useful but I get a terrible parked/this-is-just-for-money feeling from the ads and overall lack of design. No offense pal, I'm sure this is intentional.

esofthub said...


I'm glad you found the post helpful.

Regarding your second comment, I take no offense; it's just an opinion. Believe me, I don't make much off of my 2 blogs (UNIX, web finds) - maybe $5-10 per month on the ads. Could I make more...of course, this UNIX-based blog receives about 20K visitors per month. I guess if I was really aggressive and smart about it, I could make hundreds of worthless splogs and make a few bucks on each one per month. But frankly speaking, I don't have the time or endurance to make money online. I leave that niche to Rouse, Chow and Shoemoney. I'll keep my day job.