Thursday, September 13, 2007

My SysAd Blog Reader Appreciation Shout

I want to thank all the "My SysAd Blog" readers that Stumble this site now and then. It's really nice to see that on a daily basis. It hasn't been Stumbled or Dugg like some of the Linux blogs out there but that was never the objective. But at any rate, I definitely appreciate the stumbles and thank you for helping me share the information. Maybe I will get lucky one of these days...I guess my content should improve first :)

By the way, this is a terse "howto type" blog, so if you're looking for verbosity, that's another (or see man page) blog, so please checkout my technical blogroll :)


Roy Wood

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Anonymous said...

keep it up...good refresher or tip of the day blog

esofthub said...

Thanks anonymous. Nowadays, I'm finding less time to update the blog due to some personal projects.