Friday, October 12, 2007

The Popular XV Image Viewer for UNIX

Yesterday, I received an email asking me about a versatile jpeg image viewer for UNIX. My initial thoughts were to use the common browser or the image related utilities in /usr/openwin/bin -- imagetool or snapshot.

Then I started thinking about XV. XV is a popular image viewing shareware program. I have found it to be very effective at resizing screenshots, cropping, expanding, and converting images to different image formats. Personally, I've been using XV (3.10 and now 3.10a) for a number of years without complaint.

Here's another reliable source for XV Image Viewer.

I installed xv in my /opt/apps directory.
# /opt/apps/xv &


nixar said...

Wow you posted this in 2007; a full 13 years after the last release of XV! I stumbled on your page because I was wondering what happened of it (xv); I remember using it ca. 1995 at a university computer lab.
Anyway, that is a weird suggestion. There are millions of better programs today, whether through Gnome or KDE. If you like the vintage feel, ImageMagick is a zillion times better than xv: it's maintained, and is Free software.

esofthub said...

@nixar - I still like xv. It's a classic, but you're right, there are better tools out there now.

Donald said...

XV has been improved a lot of times since 1993. The new PNG libraries and better JPG are available on fx. FC12 as xv-3.10a.jumbopatch.20070520.
(I haven't checked that one thoroughly, I use one from 2007 Note that this one as well as Imagemagick depend on the quality of shared libraries handling the imageformats.

I cannot find another image manipulator which has as easy color manipulation, the ability to select brightening areas based on light-value (and in one step), the same elegant rotation, scaling, smoothing and also shows icons when you go through your large directories (visual "schnauzer") :-) Regards.

esofthub said...


I'll take a closer look at it. Thanks for the comment.

Unknown said...

This is quite a small image viewer which I have seen still now and with that it is fast too. It does not put a strain on system resources and converts to and from an impressive number of file formats.

image viewer