Friday, December 28, 2007

Shutdown a Sybase Adaptive and Backup Server

Lately, I have seen a number of searches related to terminating an Sybase Adaptive server process. I wrote a post for starting a Sybase DBMS in July but not vice versa.

Typically, the DBMS is started and terminated by using common startup and kill scripts. But SysAdmins can also gracefully shut down both the dataserver and backup servers via the command line. Here is a run.

# isql –Usa –Ppassword
1> shutdown SYB_BACKUP
2> go
1> shutdown
2> go

If you can not shutdown the dataserver by the aforementioned methods, you might have to employ brute force: the kill -9 command. But note, this should only be performed in an emergency.

# ps –ef | grep backupserver
# kill -9 PID

# ps –ef | grep dataserver
# kill -9 PID

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