Thursday, January 10, 2008


As I do practically every morning along with millions of others around the world, I logged into my email account to check mail. To my chagrin, I was unable to login, and to make matters worse, my user ID/password combination wasn't recognized by the system. My first thoughts were "CAPS LOCK," or forgotten (which I rarely do) password , or hacked, or TOS violations (on what basis??) or corrupted cookies – who the heck knows. Then I decided to have my password recovered to an alternate email address (gmail), but I was still darn sure I knew my password. For “you know what and grins,” I made an attempt to recover it. But my user ID wasn't even recognized by the system. Here is the message I received after entering my user ID and answering a question about ever using a credit card or not.

Sorry That You're Having Trouble Signing In

We know that not being able to sign in can be frustrating, so we'll try to make this as quick and easy as possible. To get started, enter your Yahoo! ID and let us know if you've ever used a credit card with Yahoo!.

I wasn't too sure what the aforementioned cryptic error message was all about but it didn't look promising.

So I decided to recreate the email account, maybe there was a simple glitch in the system. No joy because it's not available. Someone else is using it - Yes, it's ME!

After traversing Yahoo’s help pages for awhile, I finally found the customer care form and submitted my problem. I let them know the account was tied to my PAID Yahoo MyBlogLog Account (for meta data and stats) and I was NOT spamming or using the account for any illicit activities, so I asked them to please explain why my account has disappeared into the ether.

After all that, I tried logging in again but no joy.

So now I decided it was time to Google for the answer. Here is what I found from Yahoo's answers via the Google index.

“the solution for this problem is to go to the yahoo! India web page and try logging in through that ..........”

So I brought up the homepage and grudgingly logged in. Whoa! It worked.


Ax0n said...

I've run into all sorts of anomalies with Yahoo's authentication systems - usually when using GAIM to login. Occasionally, I have to hit one of a myriad of yahoo sites and log in. Not sure why it works, but you're not alone.

esofthub said...


After doing some more searches, I noticed many others had similar problems with yahoo's authentication systems.

Btw, I haven't received a receipt from yahoo regarding my problem ticket - probably won't.

hasrunmd said...

The problem just happen to me right now!!! But even via yahoo india also cannot.... how's your account now, can login?
what else the solutions?

Unknown said...

Yeah my wife and I are having this same problem and when we reset get this same error.

I'm happy to know that we are not alone and did not get hacked...

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same problem and this post helped me a lot, thanks for that mate.

esofthub said...


No problem. I always like to help out when I can.

esofthub said...


I can login fine.

I found the India solution later in the day. Did you try again? Maybe they were migrating your account at the time.


That was my first thought (hacked) too.

Btw, I never received an acknowledgment of my job ticket. Oh, well...

Anonymous said...


I do get the same error FEATURE_ERROR_USER_OPEN_NO_ACCESS.

I tried to login using But still the issue persists

Help me

Anonymous said...

Bloody crap it really works .... logging into the yahoo india mail account really works and im able to login to my account with that error


Unknown said...

In the username type the full ID i.e., this would help. It worked in my case.