Tuesday, January 22, 2008

IT Certification Self-Help Portal

I found this technical self-help website, uCertify.com, very interesting and wanted to share it with some of the readers. The company has been online since 1999. They are offering PrepKits which are interactive software programs that help you learn, track your progress, identify areas for improvement and simulate the actual exam. I sampled a few of their demo quizzes, but I mainly focused on their database kits because I am thinking about an Oracle certification in the near-term. On my initial run through, I found the practice test questions to be relevant and comprehensive, not just some cheesy Q&A effort.

I downloaded their Oracle 10G kit and obtained a key for it. It was a quick download via VDSL and was extremely easy to setup. I did not have any problems obtaining a key from uCertify. For the premium version, I took a couple of its timed practice tests along with its timed final. I thought the final test was a bit more difficult than the practice tests which was probably by design. Also, I noticed there was a “learn” function for each test question, which was accompanied by a thorough explanation. Frankly speaking, I needed to use a “RE-learn” function on some of the questions. :) There was also a means to create your own tests, add your own questions, provide immediate feedback, tagging, print, review questions, and make notes online – this flexibility was a nice surprise.

One last thing, per their website, they say if you do not pass the certification on your first attempt, they will refund your money. Yes, I was looking for an asterisk after this statement and was pleasantly surprised not to find one.

Here is what you get with the sample version.

30 questions total (this includes the quiz questions)
30 diagnostic test questions
Create tests
22 study notes
Articles, HOWTO's, and study tips
Progress report

Here is an example of what you get with the premium version, which may vary from kit to kit.

301 test questions
3 full length practice tests
105 study notes
Create tests
Unlimited free upgrades for a period of one year from the date of purchase
24x7 technical services
100% money back guarantee
Articles, HOWTO's, and study tips
Provide discounts on all future purchases

The sample version did give me a decent idea of what the tests were all about. Their PrepKits are designed to help you certify on vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe and a few others.

By the way, this is NOT a paid post.

If you are interested in a free, fully functional certification kit of your choice, leave a helpful non-anonymous UNIX-related HOWTO comment here and I will choose a winner after about two weeks. This is a $10 to $100+ value depending on the selected kit.

Update from uCertify: Your readers can use our discount code given on your Blog and get 10% discount on the uCertify PrepKit of their choice. Please use the following Discount code: ESOHUB


Ax0n said...

Thanks for the tip. I know of a few other CBT training sites but haven't been terribly pleased with them. That's worth a look.

As far as the challenge goes, I'll bite. Convert Epoch Time (raw filesystem data, database timestamps, etc) to human readable timestamp with perl on the command-line. Example:

$ perl -e 'print scalar localtime('1201017672'); print "\n";'
Tue Jan 22 10:01:12 2008

admin said...

wow this blog has a lot to offer. i learned so many things. thanks a lot..

Armando Gutierrez said...

Very interesting stuff; will take a look.

For the challenge, here's how to search for all files created by a [user] that contain a [string] in their name, excluding any that contain an [excludedString]; and then save the results in a [file].

find / -user [user] | grep -v [excludedString] | grep [needle] > [file]

esofthub said...

The challenge has ended. Ax0n and armando are both winners.

Please send a message to me at esofthubREMOVE"@"THISgmail.com with the exam code of the PrepKit that you would like to be sent to you. uCertify.com will send it to you directly.

Syed said...

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