Monday, January 07, 2008

Setup Mail Client on UNIX-based System

In the last post, a mail server setup was demonstrated. This post will demonstrate the setup of a mail client. Again, the setup of mail client is fairly straightforward. Here is the run.

On the client side, ensure the /var/mail directory is present.
# ls -l /var/mail

If not, create it.
# cd /var
# mkdir mail

Now modify the client's /etc/vfstab file
# vi /etc/vfstab
esoft:/var/mail - /var/mail nfs - yes -

Now mount /var/mail
# mount /var/mail

Verify the /var/mail is actually being shared from the mail server
# cd /var/mail
# df -k .


Anonymous said...

ncftp might be a better deal. It's avalable on all systems including Solaris.

In this case you can use bookmarks (username and password are stored in bookmark).


esofthub said...


Thank you for your comment

Do you mean use ncftp for the mail client setup vs NFS?? Please explain.