Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Emoticons and Their Meanings

A co-worker of mine emailed me this table of emoticons. I thought it was a fairly comprehensive list until I did a brief Internet search. The list was just a snippet, especially in the chat room space. I rarely engage in chat activities (maybe an occasional MSN chat with a family member), so I had no idea how many emoticons were out there. I discovered that I have been misusing a couple, which probably prompted the email and subsequently the table.

Here are a few more reference links.
Emoticons & Smiley Page
List of Emoticons
Gmail Emoticons
Emoticons and Smileys 101
Wiki - List of Common Emoticons


Anonymous said...

Great blog, hope to see more cool news soon XD

esofthub said...


I am hoping to post some more material soon. I just need to get done with a challenging (unexpected) install. Thanks for the comment.

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