Sunday, March 16, 2008

SSH Secure Shell for Workstations

A few years ago I took an Oracle database class at a university. I remember running SQL commands to perform a number of DBA tasks, such as creating databases, creating tables, creating procedures, altering tables, etc. via the command line. But in order to complete these tasks, we had to connect to the university's UNIX server via SSH. I remember using a nifty ssh client application. I found a link to its website while browsing my old coursework archive. At the time, I downloaded the "university use" copy, which was free, and it worked pretty well for the course.

Per the vendor's website, you can still download their SSH Secure Shell 3.2 non-commercial source code and there is also a Windows Client executable. Both are free of charge from various anonymous ftp sites around the globe for purposes of EVALUATION, NON-COMMERCIAL USE, and UNIVERSITY USE as defined in their license agreement.

Here is the link to the SSH Secure Shell for Workstations.

Other suggestions are always welcome.


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TeraTerm is one of my favorites, but mostly because it was a decent win32 terminal emulator for MODEM use in the 90s. There's since been an SSH component added to it (I think as a DLL Plug-in) which works.

At work, however, I rely on PuTTY on my Windows workstation. Fortunately, they also give us SunRay terminals which I find much more pleasant for day-to-day sysadmin work.

Stephane said...

Hello Roy,

There's an excellent SSH client for Windows : PuTTY (

It has everything, is free, and I don't believe that its licensing is restrictive.


Tom said...

If you're running windows. putty or OpenSSH from within Cygwin

Java ME use midssh

MacOSX, Solaris, Linux, etc use OpenSSH. putty is also available on Linux at least. OpenSSH is bundled in Solaris 10

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@tomasz torcz
@tom buskey

As always, I appreciate the input which really adds to the discussion.


I'll check out the link. Thanks.