Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UNIX Admin Corner and the IT Island

I thought James Dickens of UNIX Admin Corner wrote a short but interesting post a few days ago. His post was titled "Why is IT such an Island." It was something to ponder regarding the rapidly growing IT community. Personally, I share a similar opinion with Mr. Dickens and felt it was a fair portrayal of the IT community.

Here is an excerpt of his post: "Seems like everywhere I go, people in IT act like they are on an island, they don't attend user groups, Geek/Techy relationships I have with others seem to be rare, they don't visit or much less hang out on irc (.i.e. freenode) most don't follow blogs...Read more plus comments"

I know sites like UNIX Forums are great places to get your tech-related questions answered or simply share your knowledge, but where are the social sites geared to the hard-core UNIX/Technical community. I think it would be beneficial if we had a mybloglog or blogcatalog type site that primarily focused on connecting techies.

Presumably some would say large social behemoths such as facebook (general) or linkedin (general professional-oriented) already fill that niche by having user-defined techie groups. That might be true but I think most techies join those groups as a side note. I do.


Anonymous said...

Ben's a living legend, if an "IT guy" who's supposed to be working with Sun/Solaris hasn't heard of him, that tells just about everything you need to know.

I deal with these sorts of people every day. They couldn't care less about Informatics as a discipline, they couldn't care less about computers... they basically just try to do the minimum of a minimum of work to get by... somehow. How, that is irrelevant.

And if it is determined that you're one of those guys that actually loves Informatics (as a discipline), loves working with computers, you're labeled as "aaahhh, one of those TECHS!!!", which in their lingo is nothing more than some PC-repairman, haul-around-disks guy.

And, management is also to blame. Actually, theirs is a majority of blame: they try to hire IT people as cheaply as possible, to the point of compensation being completely unrealistic, which results in having hired incompetent idiots to do work which requires dedication, integrity, highly specialized knowledge, constant self-improvement, and competence.

Unknown said...

ux-admin, thanks for posting.

I see that you still don't mince your words. Good.

"...which in their lingo is nothing more than some PC-repairman, haul-around-disks guy."

I had to chuckle on that one...it was too close to home.