Friday, November 28, 2008

A Blogger is Copying Your Contents "ditto"

Anonymous said...
Think this guy http://* is copying your contents "ditto"

chk out 


I was notified by the aforementioned My SysAd Blog commenter that another blogger was blatantly lifting content from "My SysAd Blog." I tried contacting the blogger but he or she was missing contact information on their blog. I left a comment on one of the offending posts regarding the infraction. Frankly speaking, I do not mind people using the tips or even copying them but do not copy without linking back. I appreciate the commenter who brought this to my attention. Thanks.

So far, I found 13 posts that were verbatim on the blog. I left a comment on this post,  unable-to-switch-user.html, and I noticed it has since been deleted. 



ax0n said...

Whoa. I like the new look. I usually just read you via RSS, so I miss it.

I had the same thing happening for a while, where it seemed that someone had set up something to rip content verbatim from my blog's RSS feed and then if it contained certain keywords, to re-publish it in their own blog. Their blog was stuff that was a mash-up of a few dozen other blogs, using the same kind of deal, apparently a keyword-calculating thing.

The two popular ways to combat this are by using Blogger (or a feed processor such as Feedburner) settings to trim the article down to a preview. I don't like that. The other way is to just put a credit footer at the end of each post. I went with that.

Now, such robotic plagiarism will immediately credit and link back to my site and would take manual effort (at least some programming tweaks to the RSS scraper) to strip just the footer out. Bonus, every article on my site now links to my site by name as well. From an SEO standpoint, that's A Good Thing (tm).

Keep up the good work :)

livibetter said...

No need to be nice to blogscarper since it obviously stole your works and others'.

I managed to use "inurl:" operator to find that blog. I was wanting to flag it, but I think that won't work because that blog looks like a normal blog.


esofthub said...


I'm glad you like the new look. I thought it looked pretty cool, too.

I like the second idea and "copy" on the SEO benefits. You'll notice I added a link in this post, but it's probably keyed on certain keywords--robotic blog scraper--and won't get harvested (tm).

Thanks for the comment ax0n.

esofthub said...


I'm not surprised you found it. :)

Yes, I thought about DMCA but now I'm thinking of other ways to deal with it.

Thanks for the comment.

Mike Golvach said...

I just went and checked it out. Wow! I have a tech blog myself and - although I use public domain stuff like manpages, etc for inspiration - I always write my own stuff.

I think Google is smart enough to not penalize the original owner of the content, and, hopefully, they'll slam this guy.

I'm going to have to see if he's gotten anything from me...

I don't know; it seems inexcusable to me. At the very least - if someone's going to use your content without permission - it would be nice if they gave proper attribution and a linkback.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Love your blog and the new look :)

, Mike

esofthub said...


Thanks for the comment and glad you like the new look.

I think ax0n presented a couple good ideas. I might try one of them in the near term.

Let me know if you find one of your post(s) on his/her blog.

Mike Golvach said...

I agree - ax0n - The tagline with your own linkback is brilliance. Mostly because it's so simple and solid that I never even thought to use it. Everything in my life "must" be convoluted and confusing ;) j.k.

BTW, I couldn't find any of my own posts (at least not whole parts of them) on that site, but I did notice that he's ripped a couple pages verbatim from (proc/meminfo, etc) and he has a lot of posts that are the same as 5 other ones (like installing Ubuntu off of a pen drive, etc) over and over and over again.

I found this in his ftp from a shell script - Not hilarious since he's ripping you off "esofthub", but check out this from:

The user in this script has a familiar name... if only I could place it ;)

# vi
#! /bin/sh
date >> $FTPLOG

That guys got some stones... 234 posts in 2 months - what a wank.

unixfoo said...

That guy copied my posts too , that were related to AIX. I dont know how to stop these ..


Rob said...


The only way you can get him/her to stop scraping your content is to file a DMCA complaint. But it appears the offender is not in the USA, so I don't think it's really worth the effort. Have you read ax0n's comment?