Saturday, November 29, 2008

copy running-config startup-config

We had an issue a couple weeks ago when our power failed and so did the UPS. At first, everything seem to come back online as usual but later we noticed a "network issue." We didn't think much of it because operations were only somewhat degraded. After a few more tests, we noticed that our old style Cisco ATM switch had reverted to our legacy configuration. Apparently, the new running configuaration was not saved.

At any rate, here are the steps to save the running configuration for this particular IOS.

Hyperterminal or Telnet into switch
Password goes here
config terminal

run your configuration commands here
and soforth
show running-config
show startup-config


Lutieri G. B. said...


but this is obvious in order to save the configuration.

esofthub said...

Yeah, I know. It's a reminder for me.

PML88 said...

Pleae, can you say me how did you get the language translator? I need it now!

esofthub said...

@PML88 - It's a Google gadget. Go to "Add a Gadget" via Layout and search for "site language translator"

more info...