Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disable On-screen Keyboard on Startup

I was playing around with a few of Vista's settings on my laptop. Unfortunately, one of those settings was the “On-Screen Keyboard.” I had the utility set to automatically start up each time I logged on; however, I did not want or need that convenience. After a few more logins, it got really annoying. It was time to unset the setting, but it took me awhile to rediscover the setting and uncheck it.

At any rate, here is the path to the setting via the control panel.

Control Panel=>Ease of Access Center=>Use the computer without a mouse or
keyboard=>On-screen keyboard (uncheck it and then Save)

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Windows Dedicated Server said...

Working in vista might be intially a little confusing because some features in this and windows xp differs but this was a easy thing unsaving the on-screen keyboard option