Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pipe Symbols are Missing from Some Posts

You might have already noticed some of my theme formatting attempts appeared to have removed essential characters - in particular, the pipe symbols. I will try to go back and fix them when I get some time. I just want you to be aware of the inconvenience. Thanks Mr. Mendoza.

Gilbert Mendoza said...
Hey there. Just as an FYI, I believe your theme formatting has removed essential characters from some of your posts. For example, none of the pipe symbols separating each of the stringed commands are showing.
4/25/09 1:15 PM

esofthub said...
You're right Gilbert Mendoza. I just check a few posts and the "|" are missing. I guess changing between themes deleted them.
4/25/09 3:15 PM

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vince stevenson said...

When you do it, make sure that you're not using a French keyboard. It took me 30 minutes how to find the @ sign a few years ago. Rgds Vince