Friday, October 23, 2009

ftpconfig - Setup Anonymous FTP

To setup an anonymous FTP account, you might consider using the ftpconfig script. It seems to be a lot easier to setup an anon FTP account with Solaris 10 than it was for Solaris 8. The anon users log in and then they are given restricted access to a mini-root filesystem.

Here is the syntax.

# ftpconfig someftpdir
# ftpconfig -d someftpdir

If you have problems, you may have to check files in the /etc/ftpd directory. Hint: check the ftpaccess file

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Wowik said...

But there is a problem with setting up ftp server in non-global zone.
ftpconfig tries to create directory dev in someftpdir and copy there some data about devices. But it causes error "ftpconfig: Error: Creation of devices in someftpdir failed".

Here is some solution for this situation