Saturday, February 27, 2010

Import and Enable the NFS Service

Last week we had a little issue with mounting directories from a new Solaris 10 server. It was noted the nfs service was not running on it. We had to import and then enable the service. After that, we were able to mount the required directories from the server.

# svcs -a | grep nfs
# cd /var/svc/manifest/network
# svccfg -v import nfs/server.xml
# svcadm enable nfs/server


# svccfg -v import /var/svc/manifest/network/nfs/server.xml
# svcadm enable nfs/server

If you want to disable and delete a service, see below.

# svcadm disable network/nfs/server
# svccfg delete network/nfs/server

1 comment:

Rodney said...

Good stuff, I had a similar problem where I could not mount. It turned out that mountd was not running on the NFS server, good stuff.