Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$HOME/.TTauthority not writable, auth entry not added

After being absent from the work site for an extended period, I had a little problem with the dt session. I was being blocked a dt session (automatically logged me out--tried 3x). I observed Tooltalk/dt session errors on the screen.

But I also observed others logging into the same box without incident. Intuitively, I suspected something was wrong with my environment, so I logged in via a remote terminal. Once in the box, I reviewed the /var/adm/messages file and noticed /usr/dt/bin/ttsession errors were associated with my username. The messages file also contained this telling message - $HOME/.TTauthority not writable, auth entry not added.

Hmmm…ownership was not mine. I changed the ownership to yours truly and everything worked like a champ.

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