Sunday, September 02, 2012

magicJack's "No Audio Found" Error Message

I had an issue with my magicJack phone. I could hear it ring and it had a dialtone but I could not dial out or receive calls. As a useful working indicator, I should see magicJack's stock symbol (CALL) on their desktop GUI. Instead, I observed the "No Audio Found" message.  Predictably, I rebooted my PC a couple times but no change. I decided to visit the PC's Device Manager.

I invoked the "Control Panel"=>"Hardware and Sound"=>"Device Manager"=>"Sound, video and game controllers" and then uninstalled the USB Internet Phone by TigerJet driver. Then I physically removed the magicJack device from the computer's USB port and then reattached it about 20-30 seconds later. Its driver was automatically found and re-installed. Now I could see magicJack's Stock Symbol: CALL on their GUI. At any rate, it works.

I never had a issue before but I think I had a conflict with another recently installed USB device.

Of course, you might get this error and it's something else. This is what worked for me.

By the way, the OS name is Windows 7.


Unknown said...

Had same problem. Called MagicJack customer service. They said to access settings. Pick microphone. Make sure slider is set to on to let accessory devices to access microphone. Restart magicjack. Problem solved.

Unknown said...

Sorry I forgot a step in my last post after accessing settings you need to select privacy before selecting microphone. Hope this helps.